by Mockbirth

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Mockbirth EP is the debut release by Mockbirth.

Mockbirth are:
* Ted Reglis - Vocals, Keyboards
* Jim Ver - Acoustic & Electric Guitars


released December 1, 2011

Words and music by Mockbirth
Artwork by Nevertheless




Mockbirth Αθήνα, Greece

Mockbirth is a DownTempo - TripHop trio, from Athens, Greece, formed in 2010 by Ted Regklis (Vocals, Keyboards) and Jim Ver (Electric & Acoustic Guitars). In 2014, producer and multi-instrumentalist Stratos Chousos (aka Resonent) joined the group.

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Track Name: Around
Mockbirth - Around

Too glad to see, in front of me,
mothers around, choosing by sound a kid.

Merry to feel, just by me,
children marooned, poking the wound.

Got a chance tonight.
Fading from sight.
It was a pure delight.
Track Name: My Trend
Mockbirth - My Trend

My trend, you get me high.
Dead worm inside my wine.
My sleeping beauty line,
My lovely fucked up whore.

My trend you get me down.
The saddest pierrot clown.
You use my shinny crown,
pouring gluey piss.

Track Name: Flunky
Mockbirth - Flunky

She stands on her porch like a million night ago.
She views the void between the guts of the scene.
A ragged nightgown just over her knee.
She clamps her teddy-bear like never before.

Where does he roam?
She rants and raves.
She rubs her charm and in, her salad days.
She's cross-dressing, her little friend.
He stares at her above, like she is for rent.

And like you didn't know, you act surprised.
Stay off the grind and toe the line.

Get mad, Be God.
You laugh, I'm half.

Five in the morning in the same play,
plain, vain, every day's a fane.
I wore my urges and I flossed 'em in drain.
Shame, stain, insane my reign.

Am I afraid?
The silencers.
The dirty spade and sympathetic vommiters.
Ain't I that precious?
Ain't I the heir?
Leaving no fucking trace, a worthy dare.

And like I didn't know, I'm fake-surprised.
Stay off the grind and toe the line.

Get mad, Be God.
You laugh, I'm half.

Be God.
Track Name: A Couple of Czars
Mockbirth - A Couple of Czars

I lit the slum all bright, will you stay?
Reset the hourglass, will you stay?
Hoping is a trap, will you stay?
There are nights and days you cannot pack, stay.

Time stands still.
I suck blood.
You tear whilst laughing.

Your tiny world is changed, yet a thicker nail.
Your lover gives his all, oh, be sure he'll pay.
The walls are closing in, out of your reach.
Flowers consume the air, your life shrinks.

Time stands still.
I suck blood,
you're so violent.