by Mockbirth

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released June 12, 2015

All music, lyrics and artwork was created by Mockbirth
recorded at Beta Studios, Athens Greece
mixed and produced by Resonent (aka Stratos Chousos)
mastered by Tasos Karadedos at

additional credits
Jorgos Tamiolakis - Cello
Stefanos Stefanidis - Acoustic drums
Drums recorded at Unreal Studios, Athens Greece



all rights reserved


Mockbirth Αθήνα, Greece

Mockbirth is a DownTempo - TripHop trio, from Athens, Greece, formed in 2010 by Ted Regklis (Vocals, Keyboards) and Jim Ver (Electric & Acoustic Guitars). In 2014, producer and multi-instrumentalist Stratos Chousos (aka Resonent) joined the group.

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Track Name: Moro

Life was sound and light. Was I still and night?
A grazing land inside.
Track Name: Slow Walk

Tiny toad in my midwife’s blanket, brought to mommy in a fluffy new home. Lips and udder juices up my Sunday supper, grateful mush hovering behind the foam. Print my steps on a photo in the album, craved my mother in the phallic age of four.
Keep it groovy!

Found my shadow in a minor’s supple habit. Pant my evenings with astray local mutts.
On gloomy boards I overcooked my white rabbit and in the attic stocked my luminary hats.
Lost my mind for a Mary in a station,
went to bed ‘fore summing sheep and adding stars.
Keep it groovy!

Sin and night my two kitties in a basket,
Into flesh while a wide blue moon.
Took a seat and watch the people moving faster. For a gift I lit my choice of fume.
Rest my eyes for a while on the ceiling,
for a year I fucked a bitch up on the roof.
Keep it groovy!

Got a scar where my sight gotten sharper, every now and then I leave my senses home. Taught and teach the way of tiptoe and mutter, rock the bed until I please my boy-drone.
Set the clock to start screaming in the morning, let no dreams to come between the pad and me.
Keep it groovy!
Track Name: Ceramic

Bend your legs, wrap your arms.
crushed in mould and head in sand.
Past the flesh, in the shaft.
sparkles turn into thin air. Metals grinding in my head.

If I, body and mind, were here. If my darlings disappear.

In your debt, in your palm.
Struggle to have you at hand.
Past the flesh, in the shaft.
sparkles turn into thin air. Metals grinding in my head.
Track Name: Believe

There is something in it,

something awful you won't see,

never see as long as you believe in me.

I won't let you stand up,

I won't let you fall down,

I will keep you just an inch above the ground.

And your eyes will be fold

and your mouth full of bread,

you won't think and never question what I said.
'Cause I'm something you need,

I'm the earth, I'm the sea,

I'm your God and you do gratefully believe.
Track Name: You

So long, it’s been so long.
Mice and metal and my way.
Swollen bruises and time in time they thrive.
It’s been so long, so long.

Flash on, it’s been so long.
Can’t remember my room my bed, your hair its smell, your neck.

So long, it’s been so long.
White and skin and your way.
Tender feelings and touch a rusty crust.
It’s been so long, so long.
Track Name: Night Inn
Night Inn

Past the memories it shivers all-nude.
Past my creeps, rear your teeth it cheshires benign.
And I am lingering in fear of the knob. Stiff.

Back to bed, pull the sheets over your head.
Rain down your mind and wade through the ink.
Light out and night in, you choke up the leak.
Smear the shades blend them in, take them out. Clean.
Track Name: Zahir

She will be a tick,
For his speechless hours.
She will hang herself on the wall.

For his silent rhymes,
his pretty penny wives,
tight did shape the charm round her neck.

She will be a tick. She will be a need.

He then crawls back and forth.
As he paints the room red, she’s blocking her senses, the savage wolves arrive.
Knock the door, squeal the knobs, howl the way down to chill her spine.
He goes on back and forth, be on top so to feel alive.
For mute hours she’ll be his sweet tick-tock.
Holds his breath in her cheeks on the way to the surface light.
As the doubt in her eyes must have made him feel perspired.
But she suits up the man and in white she becomes his bride.
There’s a heart full of him beating fast at her chest’s right side.
And he will knife his way to pleasure for the night.
Knock the door, squeal the knobs, howl his way down to chill her spine. For mute hours she’ll be his sweet life.
Track Name: In Terms
In Terms

Ais, ais.
Recite some soothing lullabies. Flies.
Does it begin to form a life? Lies.
A perfect son’s been televised. Wise.
Here’s to new highs!

To the green and clear prairies I put up with my eyes.
To silence those in favour of the rut in despise.
And I’m waiving my pre-welcome lines and rights in flat ties.
To green and clear prairies I‘m the main to surprise.
Track Name: Rain

Bring your scissors,
to cut through our big dream.
Wrap our babies
and hush them while we scream.

So we won’t end
no, we won’t end up like the rest.

Rest your eyelids,
your star’s of strobing lights.
Take your best shot,
and polish it through the nights.

So we won’t break
no, we won’t break up our bonds.

Come, get closure, it’s time to call it a day.
Wash your hands clean, dip them where I lay.
We have no place,
We have no place among the wrath.
Track Name: Hold Faith
Hold Faith

God is very popular in places of massive pain and grief. In prison cells, where sunny walls and silver bars are what's left of mind. In hospital dorms, where sparkling white shrouds pray on their knees and stand in awe. Out on side streets paved with morning news mattresses, soaked in rain, and bedside squealing wipers-ticking clocks. God is very popular in places where you can't really tell if it's him or the Devil. Hold faith.